Hunt for the Pheasant (figurine)

If you were thinking about the hunt of the pheasant but did not participated at it, here are some Good To Know facts about the Pheasant hunt and why Herend’s figurine is important at it.

The pheasant

This is Herend’s males pheasant. It’s plumage is copper and gold and they have red faces and long tails.  On the other hand females are brown and harder to spot. They are the size of large chickens.

It is important to recognise the difference as it is often illegal to hunt females. 

The Pheasant hunt – and hunting itself – was considered as the sport of aristocrats, this is why Herend addressed it’s Prey animals for the Aristocrats of the 19th century.

Bird dog – to ease your hunt

Never forget to bring your hunter dog with you! He can ease your hunt by flushing pheasants for you. Labrador is considered to be a good – if not the best – choice for hunt.

When the pheasant is shot, your labrador will help you to to track down the pheasant. Afterwards, retrieving is also very helpful.


To be continued…

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