Camel – Herend Animal Figurine

15515-0-00 MCD

Camel is painted in Natural (MCD) Matte surface design.

Zoological description:

Historically, the Camel would have roamed throughout the deserts of Northern Africa.

Today, Camels are no longer found in the wild, but still, exist as domestic animals in these areas and provide both kinds of transport and an important source of food for the local people.
Their ability to go for so long without both food and water, along with being able to carry heavy loads has meant that they have allowed people to travel further across the desert.

Today, millions of domestic Camels exist in the desert along with a feral population that can be found in the deserts of Central Australia.

Figurine data

Height: 13 cm (5"H)

Length: 14 cm (5.5"L)

Width: 4.5 cm (1.75"W)

Weight: 0.18 kg

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