Farmer Bunny – Herend Animal Figurine

16056-0-00 VHB - Blue

Herend Farmer Bunny – 16056 VHB

The Rabbit figurine proudly holds a fresh carrot in its golden paws. She was wearing a typical farmer hat.

The Farmer Bunny has been painted with the Vieux Herend (VHB) Blue Fishnet pattern.

Herend Farmer Bunny animal figurine: 16056-0-00 VHB – Blue Fishnet 

The Herend Bunny figurine can be ordered in 14 colors of VH (fishnet/fish scale). The fishnet or fish scale decor is a typical motif used by the Herend Porcelain Manufactory of Herend since the late 1800s.

Figurine data

Height: 10 cm (4"H)

Length: 6 cm (2.25"L)

Width: 5 cm (2"W)

Weight: 0.9 kg

Color variations: Available in 13 variations. Indicate the color of your order (the figurine image on the left will not change) :

Navy blue

VH (Red)

VHB (Blue)

VHBR1 (Brown)

VHG (Gray)

VHJ (Yellow)

VHL (Lilac)

VHN (Black with Red)

VHNM (Black)

VHP (Pink)

VHTQ (Turquoise)

VHV (Green)

VHV2 (Light Green)


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