About Herend Animals

The Renowned and World-Famous “Vieux Herend” (VH) Décor

The most commonly purchased and most liked pattern by Herend Collectors is the „Old Herend” (the Vieux Herend) pattern. The shorted name of this pattern is „VH” décor. It is often known as Fish-scale or Fishnet décor as this pattern is created by plenty of tiny fish-scales.

Long time ago in Herend, in the 1860s, animal figurines have been already painted with fish-scale pattern. Painting of this special pattern requires a lot more professional knowledge and manual skills than you first think! The proportional and realistic representation of the different body shapes of these animal figurines is only possible with skillfully flared and tapered or shortening and lengthening fish-scales.  

To learn this technique is a real trial for the most skillful painters. It is understandable, that the many various colours painted and by VH patterns prepared masterpieces beat the heart of every collector. Nowadays, it is available in more than 14 different primary colours.

The “Naturalistic” painting

For those who likes animal figurines which are painted in naturalistic way, Herend Manufactory makes several kinds of painting method. Here, you can find differences between the mainly painted shiny and matt surfaces according to sizes.

’Special, unique’ and ’Limited’ patterns

In special cases and during outstanding occasions of giving gifts, the best option is to present animal figurines which are painted with special décors and decorated with unique patterns. In many instances, the special decors are only available in limited edition which makes them a lot more valuable.

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