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Famous Herend porcelain owners

Since Herend was founded in 1826 ( or 1839), famous customers bought it's porcelain. In the 19th Century Queen Victoria was one of the first Herend porcelain customers. Than came the Rothschild Family, the Habsburg Family, the Shah of Persia, Count Apponyi and so on. Many of the famous houses owned Herend Tea or Dinner sets.

These days Herend figurines are still beloved among famous Families, and well known film stars and sportsmen as this is a real symbol of Luxury. Lady Diana was a collector of Herend, but also Arnold Schwarzenegger has a large collection of Herend Animal Figurines. Lewis Hamilton had it's Herend Trophy in 2007.

Why choose Herend Porcelain?

189 year of heritage in beauty

Your lifestyle defines you. Your living room, your possessing and your décor-choice show how good your taste really is.

So what is your style?

If you can’t resist a baroque room… and even your morning coffee needs some aristocratic elegance… then you’ll love Herend.

These elegant porcelains are still 100% hand made – just as real art should be.

Herend Austria

We are official distributors of Herend Porcelain for 25 years

Ms. Agnes Szegszardy-Sari - CEO. Worldwide Delivery

If you happen to travel to Vienna, you are more than welcome in our store. Browsing this site and maybe buying one piece or two… we may share the same passion: elegance, luxury items and the finest ornaments.

This means that the dynamics of our relationship will not be a simple buyer-seller relationship. We’ll treat you as a friend.

Our returning customers enjoy the cup of coffee and the nice talk we usually have with them. We’d enjoy sharing some moments with you.

You see, Herend is different, so buying Herend products is also different.

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Five-time guarantees

This short video shows how secure our boxing technology is. No matter what you order from us, that will be packed as secure as possible. Multiple layers of Bubble wrapping. Extra layers of Soft paper. Fixing foam inside for the Giftboxes...

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Do you have questions?

Do We ship to your country? How much is the TAX? Is there insurance to the package? Is your package safe? All of your questions are welcome!

Our customers said

Here are a few of our customer's feedback on our Service, Delivery, and additional customer care.

  • Dear Ms Agnes Szegszardy-Sari

    The Herend Seahorse arrived today and it absolutely beautiful.  It was a present for my Mother and she loves it. Thank you very much. 

    L.  W. – UK
  • Thank you. The birds arrived last week and they are lovely.  I look forward to receiving the owl soon.  Thank you for your help.

    Jean – UK
  • We (my wife and I) are very pleased with the new pieces and can’t wait till tomorrow morning to use them. The table is already set.

    C van der Hoeven – Netherlands

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