Domestic Animals

Herend manufactures domestic figurines of animals. The domestic animal figurines can be found in and around the traditional European household of the 19th century. Here you can find a selection of livestock but also men’s favourite pets as porcelain animals. Little chicken, rooster, pig and cattle Herend figurines, just like horse, goat and sheep porcelain animals. Not mentioning cat and dog Herend figurines.

You will find little figurines from a 3-5 [cm] to large, 30-40 [cm] porcelain statues.

All figurines are hand-painted with the Herend pattern VH Fishnet – Vieux Herend with the same technique as the first animal was painted in the late 1800’s. You can find natural (realistic looking) paints as well. Some animal figurines are painted with the famous Herend patterns as Victoria, Rothschild or Apponyi, some can be ordered with oriental styles like Siang Jaune SJ or Siang Noir.


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