We deliver to you!

If you order a Herend porcelain, we’ll order it ASAP. Remember, Herend fine china is hand-made! Your freshly made porcelain will be delivered in 2-4 months.

Your order will arrive in 1-1.5 weeks (if it’s on stock). In this case Your items will be posted in the next morning of your order.

Our delivery includes not only the transport but the packaging and secure wrapping, insurance, and certificates as well. The cost of the delivery is EURO 49 for each order.

The package

One box usually weights about 7-10 kg, and we’ll assign a value to it if needed. (If it’s important, ask for smaller packages.)

We’ll do all the necessary inspecting and checking several times (and then some more), then we’ll seal the box. After the sealing, the package arrives to you without being opened.


We wrap the items in 6-8 layers of extremely soft tissue paper, then we add several layers of bubble wrap. The safely prepared porcelains are put in a 3 layer box, the space is filled with soft papers.

The box is heat and impact resistant by itself, but we add additional shock resistant layers to the box to ensure maximum safety. Then we put this box into another heat and shock resistant box (which is also 3 layered).

Only the most experienced professionals of Herend Porcelain Manufactory can package your order as the packaging process itself is inspected and supervised. You’ll receive the waybill data and other information (e-mails, SMS).

The package is virtually unbreakable when we finally post your order. But if your porcelains do not arrive in perfectly mint condition in our safe package, then we’ll send you new and perfect pieces again – free of charge of course. In this case you need to take a photo immediately and send it to us!

This short video shows how secure our boxing technology is. No matter what you order from us, that will be packed as secure as possible. Multiple layers of Bubble wrapping. Extra layers of Soft paper. Fixing foam inside for the Giftboxes…

Afterwards, all the small boxes are boxed in once more. The inside of these boxes are filled with shock absorbing hard papers. If the package will be shipped by air, an extra layer will be added. This packing technology is the safest we can produce.

Of course we do not stop here. For add further security, we grant that all the porcelains will arrive to the customer in one piece. If somehow the porcelain figurine is broken, We send You once again the product free of charge! You only need to take a photo, and call/mail us with the details.

Do you have a question? Send it to us!

Type your phone number and we will call you back within 24 hours! Please keep in mind, we are located in Vienna, We call you back in working hours - Vienna time (GTM+1)

In case of any question, send us a message, and we will answer you in 24hours!

If you are in Vienna, You can always come to our shop directly! Here is a map that shows where do you find us.